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En hiver

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It is cold and yucky outside, which always seems to lead me to write in this blog. Sure fire entertainment! It’s also Mardi Gras once again, and I have been taking French since August. So I can tell you both, “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” and that the French never say anything like that. I can’t even imagine someone saying “let the good times roll” with a French accent. It’s been 6 months, and I’m still pretty into it. I’m studying quite a lot, but it’s hard to feel like…read more

Review: Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum

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Hausfrau is an extremely well written book about an extremely unhappy woman. How did I not hate every minute of reading about a terribly unhappy woman? I do not know, but it was riveting. I (can’t believe I’m going to say that I) enjoyed the analysis scenes with the psychiatrist and the German language symbolism. (I can, in fact, easily believe I enjoyed the German language symbolism.) An “unlikeable,” frustrating, passive dishrag of a character kept me coming back again and again to understand her and and the nature of…read more

The Angst Existential

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When I find myself wondering at the brevity, the absurdity, the concurrently enormous and infinitesimal nature of this life, I am in turns inspired and amused…but mostly, I’m terrified. While we must all ultimately face the certain fate of every being on this earth alone, we can share our dread about it…here! together! now! While shows like Cosmos give me reason fill with astonished wonder as I meditate on the fact that I’m made of star-stuff, I will now instead share some of the most beautifully irreverent media I know…read more

Mardi Gras

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It’s Fat Tuesday! And I live on the Gulf Coast, so you know what that means… Basically, after John headed out for scholarly pursuits, I laid on the couch reading Colette stories and Scandinavian travel guides. Now I’m watching PBS News Hour with the cats and drinking craft beer with leftover pizza. I would lament being elderly at 30, but it’s cold out there. No regrets. I read Z last week, the novelization of Zelda Fitzgerald’s life, and I’ve been infected with her (character’s) desire for meaningful contribution, but with…read more


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I am getting restless to travel again. It feels like a decade since we got back from Budapest. That picture of Stockholm is what Mobile looked like today. I felt like floating out into the fog. I’d love to store these delicious temperatures up in my bones with the cold winter behind and the long, brutal summer looming ahead. Another destination is starting to bubble up, and it has surprised me. I think I want to try Northern Europe and the Netherlands. Ok, Amsterdam doesn’t surprise me; I had my…read more